Gandhi and His Early Movements MCQ Set-1

1. M.K. Gandhi was a supporter of

(A) Marxist socialism
(B) Category socialism
(C) Idealism
(D) Philosophical anarchism

Answer (D) Philosophical anarchism

[Arunachal Pradesh PSC (Pre) 2019 UP Lower Sub. (Pre) 2009]

2. Where is Phoenix Farm?

(A) Suratgarh
(B) Essex England
(C) Durban (South Africa)
(D) Kampala

Answer (C) Durban (South Africa)

[MPPCS (Pre) 1999]

3. Karamchand Gandhi was Diwan of

(A) Porbandar
(B) Rajkot
(C) Bikaner
(D) All of these

Answer (D) All of these

[UPPCS (Pre) 2001]

4. Name of the magazine published by Mahatma Gandhi during his stay in South Africa, was

(A) Navjeevan
(B) India Gazette
(C) Africaner
(D) Indian opinion

Answer (D) Indian opinion

[UPPCS (Pre) 2002]

5. The twin principles of Mahatma Gandhi’s Ram Rajya were

(A) Abolishment of untouchability and temperance
(B) Truth and non-violence
(C) Khadi and Spinning-wheel
(D) Right means and right ends

Answer (B) Truth and non-violence

[UPPCS (Pre) 1993]

6. According to Gandhiji NonViolence is

(A) A way to attain truth
(B) A way to win political freedom
(C) The only way to realize God
(D) An end in itself

Answer (A) A way to attain truth

[UPPCS (Pre) 1994]

7. Which of the following may be true regarding Gandhi?

(A) A Marxist without Marxism
(B) A Socialist without Socialism
(C) An Individualist without Individualism
(D) An Individualist among Socialist and a Marxist among Socialist

Answer (D) An Individualist among Socialist and a Marxist among Socialist

[UP Lower Sub. (Mains) 2013]

8. Which one of the following was the last step in the Gandhian strategy of Satyagraha?

(A) Boycott
(B) Picket
(C) Fast
(D) Strike

Answer (D) Strike

[UP Lower Sub. (Mains) 2013]

9. Which of the following statements is not true as per Gandhian Principle?

(A) The aim of Satyagrahi is to defeat the enemy
(B) The weapon of Satyagraha is Ahimsa
(C) Satyagrahi should be firm in his belief
(D) Satyagrahi should have no ill feeling towards his enemies

Answer (A) The aim of Satyagrahi is to defeat the enemy

[UP Lower Sub. (Mains) 2013]

10. According to Gandhiji, the Cruelest form of violence is

(A) Persistence of poverty
(B) Killing of cows
(C) Killing of human beings
(D) Torture of women and children

Answer (A) Persistence of poverty

[Punjab PSC (Pre) 2018 UP Lower Sub. (Mains) 2015]

11. What idea is given by Gandhiji for family planning?

(A) Self-control
(B) Sterilization
(C) Restrain
(D) Loop

Answer (A) Self-control

[MPPCS (Pre) 1990]

12. In which year Gandhi returned from South Africa?

(A) 1915
(B) 1917
(C) 1916
(D) 1918

Answer (A) 1915

[MPPCS (Pre) 1997]

13. How many years did Gandhiji live in South Africa?

(A) 20 years
(B) 21 years
(C) 16 years
(D) 15 years

Answer (B) 21 years

[MPPCS (Pre) 2010]

14. In which of the following railway stations of South Africa, Mahatma Gandhi was thrown out of the train?

(A) Johannesburg
(B) Pietermaritzburg
(C) Durban
(D) Pretoria

Answer (B) Pietermaritzburg

[UPPCS (Mains) 2015]

15. Which one of the following sessions of Indian National Congress was for the first time attended by M.K. Gandhi?

(A) Lucknow Session, 1916
(B) Calcutta Session, 1901
(C) Amritsar Session, 1919
(D) Nagpur Session, 1920

Answer (B) Calcutta Session, 1901

[UPPCS (Spl) (Mains) 2004 UPPCS (Mains) 2003]

16. Sabarmati Ashram established by Mahatma Gandhi during India’s independence movement, is located on the outskirts of

(A) Gandhinagar
(B) Ahmedabad
(C) Rajkot
(D) Wardha

Answer (B) Ahmedabad

[Uttarakhand PCS (Pre) 2005]

17. Mahatma Gandhi set up an Ashram on the banks of Sabarmati near Ahmedabad is known as

(A) Sarbarmati Ashram
(B) Harijan Ashram
(C) Satyagraha Ashram
(D) Swaraj Ashram

Answer (C) Satyagraha Ashram

[Chhattisgarh PCS (Pre) 2003]

18. Which one of the following Ashrams related to Mahatma Gandhi, is the oldest?

(A) Sabarmati
(B) Phoenix
(C) Wardha
(D) Sadaqat

Answer (B) Phoenix

[Uttarakhand PCS (Pre) 2012]

19. Where did Gandhiji adopt ‘Seva Dharma’?

(A) Mumbai
(B) Shantiniketan
(C) South Africa
(D) Pune

Answer (C) South Africa

[UP Lower Sub. (Mains) 2015]

20. Who among the following was the ‘Political Guru’ of Mahatma Gandhi?

(A) C.R. Das
(B) Dadabhai Naoroji
(C) Tilak
(D) G.K. Gokhale

Answer (D) G.K. Gokhale

[UPPCS (Pre) 1991]