Ancient History

Greek Invasion
Medieval History
  • Muslim Invasion of India
  • Delhi Sultanate : Slave Dynasty
  • Khalji Dynasty
  • Tughluq Dynasty
  • Lodi Dynasty
  • Vijayanagara Empire
  • Delhi Sultanate : Administration
  • Delhi Sultanate : Art and Architecture
  • Delhi Sultanate : Literature
  • Delhi Sultanate : Miscellaneous
  • Provincial Dynasty of North India and Deccan Province
  • Bhakti and Sufi Movement
  • Mughal Dynasty : Babur
  • Humayun and Sher Shah
  • Akbar
  • Jahangir
  • Shah Jahan
  • Aurangzeb
  • Mughal Administration
  • Mughal Music and Paintings
  • Mughal Literature
  • Mughal Period : Miscellaneous
  • Sikh Sect
  • Maratha State and Confederacy
  • Disintegration of the Mughal Empire
Modern History
  • Arrival of European Companies
  • East India Company and Nawab of Bengal
  • Regional States : Punjab and Mysore
  • Governor, Governor General and Viceroy
  • Impact of British Rule on Indian Economy

The arrival of European Companies MCQ Set-1

1. Who was the first Portuguese Viceroy in India?

(A) Diaz
(B) Vasco-da-Gama
(C) Almeida
(D) Albuquerque

Answer (C) Almeida

[45th BPSC (Pre) 2001]

2. Who among the following had welcomed Vasco-da-Gama at Calicut?

(A) Gasper Correa
(B) Albuquerque
(C) Zamorin
(D) Don Ahnaida

Answer (C) Zamorin

[UP Lower Sub. (Pre) 2013]

3. In which year Vasco-da-Gama arrived at Calicut?

(A) 1350 A.D.
(B) 1498 A.D.
(C) 1530 A.D.
(D) 1612 A.D.

Answer (B) 1498 A.D.

[Chhattisgarh PCS (Pre) 2004]

4. When did Vasco-da-Gama come to India?

(A) 1496
(B) 1497
(C) 1498
(D) 1600

Answer (C) 1498

[MPPCS (Pre) 1995 UPPCS (Pre) 1992]

5. Who was the real founder of Portuguese power in India?

(A) Vasco-da-Gama
(B) Albuquerque
(C) Bartholomuse Dies
(D) George Oxdone

Answer (B) Albuquerque

[Meghalaya PSC (Pre) 2019 UP Lower Sub. (Pre) 2003]

6. At which one of the following places in India did the Portuguese build their first fortress?

(A) Anjidiv
(B) Cannanore
(C) Cochin
(D) Goa

Answer (C) Cochin

[UPPCS (Mains) 2010]

7. Who were the first Europeans to come to India for trade?

(A) Dutch
(B) English
(C) French
(D) Portuguese

Answer (D) Portuguese

[UPPCS (Mains) 2007 UPPCS (Spl) (Mains) 2004 UPPCS (Pre) 2000, 1993, 90]

8. Who were the first Europeans to set up sea trade centres in India?

(A) The English
(B) The French
(C) The Portuguese
(D) The Dutch

Answer (C) The Portuguese

[Uttarakhand PCS (Pre) 2004]

9. Among the following factories in Bengal, the one established by the Portuguese was

(A) Bandel
(B) Chinsurah
(C) Hooghly
(D) Shrirampur

Answer (C) Hooghly

[UPPCS (Pre) 2004]

10. Hooghly was used as a base for piracy in the Bay of Bengal by

(A) Portuguese
(B) French
(C) Danish
(D) British

Answer (A) Portuguese

[IAS (Pre) 1995]

11. Which one of the followings is connected with ‘Blue Water’ policy?

(A) De Almeida
(B) Albuquerque
(C) Dupleix
(D) Robert Clive

Answer (A) De Almeida

[Uttarakhand PCS (Pre) 2016]

12. Who among the following was the founder of Calcutta?

(A) Charles Ayar
(B) Job Charnock
(C) Garold Angiyar
(D) William Novris

Answer (B) Job Charnock

[UPPCS (Spl) (Mains) 2004]

13. Who among the following Europeans, was the last to come to pre-independence India as traders?

(A) Dutch
(B) English
(C) French
(D) Portuguese

Answer (C) French

[IAS (Pre) 2007]

14. With reference to the entry of European powers into India, which one of the following statements is not correct?

(A) The Portuguese captured Goa in 1499
(B) The English opened their first factory in South India at Masulipatnam
(C) In Eastern India, the English company opened its first factory in Orissa in 1633
(D) Under the leadership of Dupleix, the French occupied Madras in 1746

Answer (A) The Portuguese captured Goa in 1499

[IAS (Pre) 2003]

15. The first to start a joint stock company to trade with India were the

(A) Portuguese
(B) Dutch
(C) French
(D) Danish

Answer (B) Dutch

[IAS (Pre) 1994]

16. In which of the following places the Dutch established their trading centre in India?

(A) Nagappattinam, Chinsura, Machilipatnam
(B) Surat, Bharuch, Agra
(C) Cochin, Ahmedabad, Patna
(D) All of the above

Answer (D) All of the above

[UPPCS (Pre) 2017]

17. Which one of the following is the correct statement?

(A) The modern Kochi was a Dutch colony till India’s independence
(B) The Dutch defeated the Portuguese and built Fort Williams in the modern Kochi
(C) The modern Kochi was first a Dutch Colony before the Portuguese took over from them
(D) The modern Kochi never became a part of the British colony

Answer (B) The Dutch defeated the Portuguese and built Fort Williams in the modern Kochi

[IAS (Pre) 2005]

18. The secret of success of East India Company in India was

(A) Absence of Nationalism in India
(B) The company army received Western training and they had modern arms
(C) Indian Soldiers had lackness of fidelity consequently who play them sufficient could have them on his service
(D) All above three

Answer (D) All above three

[UPPCS (Pre) 1994]

19. Which of the following British companies got the first charter permitting them to trade in India?

(A) Levant Company
(B) East India Company
(C) The English Company trading to the East Indies
(D) Ostend Company

Answer (A) Levant Company

[UPPSC (RI) 2014]

20. Which one of the following was the Emperor of India when British East India Company was formed in London?

(A) Akbar
(B) Jahangir
(C) Shah Jahan
(D) Aurangzeb

Answer (A) Akbar

[UPPCS (Pre) 2012 UP Lower Sub. (Pre) 2004]