Vijayanagara Empire MCQ Set-2

21. The Battle of Talikota was fought in

(A) 1526 A.D.
(B) 1565 A.D.
(C) 1576 A.D.
(D) 1586 A.D.

Answer (B) 1565 A.D.

[UPPCS (Pre) 1993]

22. When Raja Wodeyar founded the Kingdom of Mysore, who was the ruler of the Vijayanagara Empire?

(A) Sadasiva
(B) Tirumala
(C) Ranga II
(D) Venkata II

Answer (D) Venkata II

[IAS (Pre) 2006]

23. What was the chief characteristic of the financial system of Vijayanagara Empire?

(A) Surplus rent
(B) Land Revenue
(C) Income from seaports
(D) Monetary system

Answer (B) Land Revenue

[39th BPSC (Pre) 1994]

24. Ruins of which of the following represent the old capital of Vijayanagara?

(A) Ahmednagar
(B) Bijapur
(C) Golconda
(D) Hampi

Answer (D) Hampi

[UPPCS (Pre) 2008]

25. Which ruler of Vijayanagara had sent his ambassador to the emperor of China?

(A) Harihara I
(B) Bukka I
(C) Krishnadeva Raya
(D) Saluva Narasimha

Answer (B) Bukka I

[Karnataka PSC (Pre) 2018]

26. Where is the famous Vijaya Vitthal Temple, having its 56 carved pillars emitting musical notes located?

(A) Belur
(B) Bhadrachalam
(C) Hampi
(D) Srirangam

Answer (C) Hampi

[IAS (Pre) 2007]

27. Consider the following statements.

1. Narasimha Saluva ended the Sangama dynasty and seized the throne for himself and started the Saluva dynasty.
2. Vira Narasimha deposed the last Saluva ruler and seized the throne for himself.
3. Vira Narasimha was succeeded by his younger brother, Krishnadeva Raya.
4. Krishnadeva Raya was succeeded by his half-brother, Achyuta Raya.

Which of the statements given above are correct?
(A) 1, 2 and 3
(B) 2, 3 and 4
(C) 1 and 4
(D) 1, 2, 3 and 4

Answer (D) 1, 2, 3 and 4

[IAS (Pre) 2004]

28. Who among these was famous for Telugu translation?

1. Kamban
2. Kuttan
3. Nannaya
4. Tikkan

Choose the answer from the code.
(A) 1 and 2
(B) 2 and 3
(C) 3 and 4
(D) 4 and 1

Answer (C) 3 and 4

[UPPCS (Pre) 2012]

29. Regarding the taxation system of Krishnadeva, the ruler of Vijayanagara, consider the following statements.

1. The tax rate on land was fixed depending on the quality of the land.
2. Private owners of workshops paid an industries tax.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
(A) Only 1
(B) Only 2
(C) Both 1 and 2
(D) Neither 1 nor 2

Answer (C) Both 1 and 2

[IAS (Pre) 2016]