Ancient History

Greek Invasion
Medieval History
  • Muslim Invasion of India
  • Delhi Sultanate : Slave Dynasty
  • Khalji Dynasty
  • Tughluq Dynasty
  • Lodi Dynasty
  • Vijayanagara Empire
  • Delhi Sultanate : Administration
  • Delhi Sultanate : Art and Architecture
  • Delhi Sultanate : Literature
  • Delhi Sultanate : Miscellaneous
  • Provincial Dynasty of North India and Deccan Province
  • Bhakti and Sufi Movement
  • Mughal Dynasty : Babur
  • Humayun and Sher Shah
  • Akbar
  • Jahangir
  • Shah Jahan
  • Aurangzeb
  • Mughal Administration
  • Mughal Music and Paintings
  • Mughal Literature
  • Mughal Period : Miscellaneous
  • Sikh Sect
  • Maratha State and Confederacy
  • Disintegration of the Mughal Empire
Modern History
  • Arrival of European Companies
  • East India Company and Nawab of Bengal
  • Regional States : Punjab and Mysore
  • Governor, Governor General and Viceroy
  • Impact of British Rule on Indian Economy

Stone Age MCQ Set-2

21. ‘Bhimbetka’ is famous for

(A) Rock Paintings
(B) Buddhist Statues
(C) Minerals
(D) Origin of Son River

Answer (A) Rock Paintings

[MPPCS (Spl) (Pre) 2004]

22. In India, from which rock-shelter, pictures has been found the most?

(A) Ghagharia
(B) Bhimbetka
(C) Lekhahia
(D) Adamgarh

Answer (B) Bhimbetka

[UPPCS (Pre) 2008]

23. Which one of the following places is famous for pre-historic paintings?

(A) Ajanta
(B) Bhimbetka
(C) Bagh
(D) Amravati

Answer (B) Bhimbetka

[UPPCS (Mains) 2011 Uttarakhand UDA/LDA (Mains) 2007]

24. Where are the caves of Bhimbetka situated?

(A) Bhopal
(B) Pachmarhi
(C) Singrauli
(D) Abdullahganj-Raisen

Answer (D) Abdullahganj-Raisen

[MPPCS (Pre) 2013]

25. The Ochre-coloured Pottery (O.C.P.) was christened at

(A) Hastinapur
(B) Ahichhatra
(C) Noh
(D) Red Fort

Answer (A) Hastinapur

[UPPCS (Mains) 2006]

26. In the Chalcolithic period people of Maharashtra buried their dead under the floor of their houses in the following orientation

(A) North to South position
(B) East to West position
(C) South to North position
(D) West to East position

Answer (A) North to South position

[UPPCS (Pre) 1997]

27. Which of the following sites has yielded skeleton of the dog along with human skeleton in burial?

(A) Brahmagiri
(B) Burzahom
(C) Chirand
(D) Maski

Answer (B) Burzahom

[UP Lower Sub. (Pre) 2008]

28. The evidence of burying the dog with human body is found from which of the following places?

(A) Burzahom
(B) Koldihwa
(C) Chaupani
(D) Mando

Answer (A) Burzahom

[Uttarakhand PCS (Pre) 2010]

29. The evidence of pit dwelling has been obtained from

(A) Burzahom
(B) Koldihwa
(C) Brahmagiri
(D) Sanganakallu

Answer (A) Burzahom

[UPPCS (Mains) 2011]

30. From which rock shelter of Vindhyas, a maximum number of human skeletons have been found?

(A) Morahana Pahar
(B) Ghagharia
(C) Baghahi Khor
(D) Lekhahia

Answer (D) Lekhahia

[UPPCS (Pre) 2016]

31. Which of these departments/ministries deals with Archaeological Survey of India as an accessory office?

(A) Culture
(B) Tourism
(C) Science and Technology
(D) Human Resource and Development

Answer (A) Culture

[Jharkhand PCS (Pre) 2011]

32. Where is the National Human Museum situated?

(A) Guwahati
(B) Bastar
(C) Bhopal
(D) Chennai

Answer (C) Bhopal

[MPPCS (Pre) 1997]