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South Indian Chola, Chalukya, Pallava, and Sangam Period MCQ Set-2

21. Who was the founder of ‘Gangai Konda Cholapuram’?

(A) Rajaraja-I
(B) Rajadhiraja
(C) Rajendra-I
(D) Vijayaditya

Answer (C) Rajendra-I

[UPPCS (Spl) (Mains) 2008]

22. Who among the following Chola rulers is credited to have built a huge artificial lake known as Chola Gangam?

(A) Rajaraja-I
(B) Rajendra
(C) Rajadhiraja
(D) Rajaraja-II

Answer (B) Rajendra

[UPPCS (Mains) 2016]

23. Which Chola King started Naval Army?

(A) Rajendra Chola
(B) Parantak Chola
(C) Rajaraja-I
(D) Rajaraja-II

Answer (C) Rajaraja-I

[Chhattisgarh PCS (Pre) 2014]

24. Name the Chola King who conquered the Northern part of Sri Lanka?

(A) Rajaraja-I
(B) Rajendra-I
(C) Parantaka-I
(D) Aditya-I

Answer (A) Rajaraja-I

[UPPCS (Mains) 2014]

25. Which one of the Chola Kings conquered Ceylon?

(A) Aditya-I
(B) Rajaraja-I
(C) Rajendra-I
(D) Vijayalaya

Answer (C) Rajendra-I

[IAS (Pre) 2001]

26. Who was the Chola monarch who gave complete freedom to Sri Lanka and got his daughter married to the Sinhala Prince?

(A) Kulottunga I
(B) Rajendra
(C) Adhirajendra
(D) Rajadhiraja I

Answer (A) Kulottunga I

[UPPCS (Pre) 2012]

27. Which one of the following trade centres of ancient India was on the trade route connecting Kalyana with Vengi?

(A) Tagara
(B) Sripur
(C) Tripuri
(D) Tamralipti

Answer (A) Tagara

[IAS (Pre) 1994]

28. Who was the greatest king of Chalukya dynasty?

(A) Vikramaditya
(B) Manglesh
(C) Pulakesin-II
(D) Pulakesin-I

Answer (C) Pulakesin-II

[Arunachal Pradesh PSC (Pre) 2018 UPPCS (Pre) 1991]

29. Which of the following dynasties frequently assigned to the ladies high ranking positions in administration?

(A) Chola
(B) Chalukya
(C) Pala
(D) Sena

Answer (B) Chalukya

[UPPCS (Mains) 2007]

30. Where was the capital of Chalukyas located?

(A) Vatapi
(B) Shravasti
(C) Kanchi
(D) Kannauj

Answer (A) Vatapi

[UPPCS (Pre) 1991]

31. The name of poet Kalidasa is mentioned in the

(A) Allahabad Pillar Inscription
(B) Aihole Inscription
(C) Alapadu Grant
(D) Hanumankonda Inscription

Answer (B) Aihole Inscription

[IAS (Pre) 1994]

32. The Sanskrit poet and dramatist Kalidasa finds a mention in

(A) Aihole inscription of PulakesinII
(B) Gwalior inscription of Mihir Bhoja
(C) Karamdanda Sivalinga inscription of Kumargupta-I
(D) Mathura Pillar inscription of Chandragupta-II

Answer (A) Aihole inscription of PulakesinII

[UPPCS (Mains) 2013]

33. The term ‘Yavanapriya’ mentioned in ancient Sanskrit text denoted

(A) A fine variety of Indian muslim
(B) Ivory
(C) Damsels sent to the Greek court for dance performance
(D) Pepper

Answer (D) Pepper

[IAS (Pre) 1995]

34. Tolkappiyam text deals with

(A) Administration
(B) Law
(C) Grammar and Poetry
(D) All of the above

Answer (C) Grammar and Poetry

[UPPCS (Pre) 1997]

35. In Sangam Literature ‘Tolkappiyam’ is a text of

(A) Tamil poetry
(B) Tamil grammar
(C) Tamil architecture
(D) Tamil polity

Answer (B) Tamil grammar

[UPPCS (Mains) 2014]

36. The author of the Silapadikaram was

(A) Ilango
(B) Parmara
(C) Karikala
(D) Vishnu Swami

Answer (A) Ilango

[UPPCS (Mains) 2002]

37. From the excavations of which ancient site, information has been gathered regarding brisk trade relations between India and Rome, during the early centuries of Christian era

(A) Madurai
(B) Tamralipti
(C) Tondi
(D) Arikamedu

Answer (D) Arikamedu

[UPPCS (Pre) 2001, 03 UP UDA/LDA (Pre) 2002]

38. Which one of the following ports was known as Poduke to the author of ‘The Periplus of the Erythrean Sea’?

(A) Arikamedu
(B) Tamralipti
(C) Korkai
(D) Barbaricum

Answer (A) Arikamedu

[UPPCS (Pre) 1997]

39. The Roman settlement has been found?

(A) Kalibangan
(B) Arikamedu
(C) Rangpur
(D) Satara

Answer (B) Arikamedu

[UP Lower Sub. (Pre) 2009]

40. Amphora Jar is a

(A) Perforated Jar
(B) Tall double handle jar
(C) Painted grey jar
(D) Black and red ware jar

Answer (B) Tall double handle jar

[UPPSC (RI) 2014]